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My name is Kenya Ann Wint and I am a marketer currently based out of Augusta, Georgia. I stumbled across marketing and brand identity during my third year of college and couldn’t imagine my self doing anything different.

Currently, I am a Brand Manager for a company in the Powersports world and even though that lifestyle is completely different from mine, I have never been more driven to authentically market, to create what is true for my brand and its consumers. 

I wrote this statement a year ago and it will always ring true & remain the reason I am in this field today... "I have come to realize that marketing does not only extend to how companies promote themselves and their products and services; but ultimately with us as people, with who we are and how we represent ourselves."

Everything we do (our words, our work, our interactions), they make an impact on the world and the people around us. Stay true to who you are, find your passion, and let that drive you into more.

I hope you enjoy this space, where I will share my thoughts, ideas, experiences, and work, as it pertains to marketing.

You matter, always.



All opinions are my own.