my shape of marketing

I believe in marketing.

I believe in the impact it has on individuals and groups and minds and thoughts.

 I believe in marketing authentically.

I am drawn to the extensive research that takes place before any digital or physical product becomes an idea.

I stand firm in the belief that nothing good comes from something false, misleading, or without research.

I believe in the lasting impact marketing has on consumers; the emotions it evokes and brings forth.

Believe in it. Understand It. Create It.

These 7 words are my shape of marketing.

In everything I do, in every piece of work I touch, I believe in it. I believe in the company, the product, and in their success. With confidence I speak that out and allow my work to be a representation of it.

Research stands as my foundation of understanding and accurately representing a product or target group. Knowledge is power, its not to be taken lightly but with accuracy and truth.

Lastly, I use the previous two as a way to create something meaningful, something authentic, and something of value. 

Authenticity is magnetic, it will attract.