Local Athens Companies Killing the Game

Living in Athens, you cannot walk down a street without seeing some sort of small business. This not only gives Athens so much character, it also unfortunately creates a large amount of competition. In the 4 years I have attended this university, I have seen various businesses open, but a large amount close as well. In an area that is dominated by too many options for food, clothing, and bars; how can these small businesses differentiate itself, creating loyal customers.

Cheeky Peach, Jittery Joes, and The Last Resort are some of the small businesses in Athens currently killing the game. Cheeky Peach, a boutique located in the heart of Downtown Athens, is a company who uses social media to their advantage. By posting styling tips on their instastories and on Facebook live; they are able to connect with consumers outside of their brick and mortar. This alone creates large brand awareness. Their continuous growth is shown in their constant recognition in the Bulldog 100 which recognizes the 100 fastest growing companies owned by UGA alumni.

The Last Resort also uses social media to post and highlight the food they make. The Last Resort has become such an Athens staple and one of the first restaurants people recommend when family and friends come in to town. The Last Resort not only uses social media, but creates huge satisfaction, that word of mouth plays a huge role in brand awareness.

Jittery Joes coffee shop also does a great job at marketing. With many shops around Athens, they are located in concentrated locations(like Five Points) and Downtown Athens to appeal to consumers. They also create a warm and inviting atmosphere where anything from studying, to meetings are welcomed. They do this so well, that even huge coffee competitors such as Starbucks can exist down the street and people would still go to a Jittery Joes.

All three of these businesses and a great deal of others, have done a tremendous job in marketing. The reality is all of these companies still face huge competition such as Urban Outfitters, Starbucks and chain restaurants, but they use what makes them unique to their advantage, creating a huge loyal customer base.